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Mar 19, 2020

Please hold off on donations at this time. We get it, now is a great time to spring clean and declutter, but with the current uncertainty, we are not in a position to accept and process donations at this time. We have heard that most resale shops have closed as well. What can you do? Like everything else, wait, be patient, and prepare for what happens when this is over. If your motives are to help those that we assist daily, and help our mission to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and take in the stranger, and further compassionate ministries in out community, please think about taking the following steps with your donations. We know when this is over, there will be an abundant need, and many wanting to donate to fill those needs. Help us then, by preparing now.

Do not bring any donations until instructed to do so. We are not in position to process or move items at this time.
1. Make sure everything is clean and reusable. Wipe and wash toys, dishes, etc, launder clothing.
2. Bag or box like things together. We separate between men’s, women’s, boys, girls, then by summer or winter for reference.
3. Make sure all parts and accessories get in the same container.
4. Use kitchen sized garbage bags or small boxes, these are easier for our older volunteers to move.
5. Do not store donations outdoors, or in unoccupied space.
6. Remember that your donations are intended to help someone else out, we are not a disposal service.
7. Wait. Do not bring anything now.

When this is over, many vulnerable people will be in need, and we will step up to meet that need with your help. A few extra minutes of your time can help the process move much better when the time comes.

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