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Oct 13, 2020
What makes our shop so great are our volunteers.

What makes our shop so great are our volunteers. They give of their time, and make personal physical sacrifices to make sure we are helping provide the nicest items at the lowest prices possible. Because of this there are some trade offs. We do not have a cart person to bring in carts from the parking lot, we do not have a dressing room attendant to hang up the items you may not want. We do not have anyone that can carry in your donations. Almost all of our volunteers fall into the “compromised” category either due to age or disability. The reason we joke that if it’s too heavy for your grandma to carry it is too heavy for us, is that the adage rings true. Grandmas and grandpas are our volunteer force for the most part. Because of this we ask that you help us help others by taking your hangers off of the clothing you are bringing to the register, putting the things that don’t fit back on the rack, not allowing your children to scatter toys all over, and bring your carts back inside clean, not filled with garbage. Today we had to retrieve 2 carts left in the street. Please help us help you help others.

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