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Aug 18, 2020

You may see our volunteers at the cash register, or just inside the donation door but that is just a small cross section of the unique individuals that give of their time to make the Portage Resale Shop function. They are all people, just like you, from different walks of life, with diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Let me tell you a little about them. I will leave off names for privacy.
We have a few retirees from the local steel mills, but men and women. There is a nurse, a postal worker, a few that worked for a windshield wiper factory, a few teachers, a school principal, a pastor, some homemakers, a few professional cleaners, some that worked in the corrections field, among others. We have several veterans that served our country in the Army and Navy both stateside and overseas, we thank them for their service often.
We also have some volunteers that are not retired, but still actively working in the legal field, a banker, a few teachers, a recent college graduate, a couple stay at home moms, a factory, and a few with other barriers to regular employment that can still give a few hours and be productive.
We are cancer survivors, have had multiple heart surgeries, a few brain surgeries, bad backs, arthritis, hearing impaired, and some have auto immune disorders, but it doesn’t stop us from giving our time and talents. Our ages range from 20’s to late 80’s and everywhere in between.
We all come from various walks of life, giving of our time, to help make the lives of those around us a little better. Sure it looks like just a resale shop, but it is so much more. New volunteers always welcome. We cannot thank our volunteers enough.

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